Gorman School – Lebec, CA

By , December 24, 2008 8:37 pm

The Gorman School in Lebec, CA has been haunted since it was built in 1938. It was built on the site of a farm where a 12-year-old girl named Harriet lived and was cheap nfl jerseys accidentally crushed by her father’s tractor. She was buried on the property. Her body cheap reversible basketball jerseys is said to rest under the stage in the school’s auditorium, where her ghost cheap nfl jerseys has appeared to a number of Crosby Mason jersey teachers, custodians, and students over the years. In the 1940’s, Pierre-Paul Jason jersey mens after a womens club meeting in the auditorium, the child appeared to an elderly lady and warned her not to go out the front door. Ignoring cheap jerseys China what she thought was cheap nfl jerseys China a hallucination, the woman walked out the door and slipped in freshly fallen snow. She broke her hip in two places.

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5 Responses to “Gorman School – Lebec, CA”

  1. Raelyne says:

    I attended this school from 1983-1984 and it is indeed haunted. Several things happened that had no real explanation. Of course as kids we whispered about ghosts, but I never thought it was serious. So a few years ago as an adult, just for fun, I thought I would do a search and I saw that it has been documented as being haunted. Kinda cool!

  2. lola says:

    i think this is not true haha

  3. la la land girl says:

    oh wow i would like to go there sometime

  4. 5th grade student says:

    i have seen the ghost before im only 10 and saw here wene i was in 2nd grade really true


    she appers to kids mostly wene we are having campout at shool or wene the oner is thinking of closing the school probeby dosent wan to be alone ive seen here 5 times

  5. ? says:

    if you dont belive in harriet come and call here we are having a campout in may of 2010 but not sure wene but you should come some day after school and see what she thinks about you

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